Gitachain is a decentralised blockchain and cryptocurrency
project and is fully open source. Gitachain is developing a smart contract platform

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A decentralized smart platform that
build a trust ecosystem for all types of industries

Gitachain is an immutable disturbed ledger that focuses on speed, security, and scalability. Gitachain embraces the ideology that blockchain is one of the cornerstones for the next generation of information technology, alongside emerging technologies such as AR, VR, AI, IoT, 5G. Consequently,it maintains that within the next few years, this technology is destined to become an essential component in the development of all the industries and financial services.

About Us

GITA backbone

To ensure the security, salability, and speed of Gitachain, we use the best languages and frameworks chosen by experts worldwide.

  • RUST
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • React

Safety and Security

GITA has architected a decentralized distributed trust system. Multiple trust types in an integrated protocol system, together with our novel solutions, built a safe and secure peer-to-peer network.

  • Multi-Source Identity System
  • Confidential Transactions
  • RingCT
  • Trust Mechanism

Key features

Gitachain leverages AI technology to build an innovative modern platform for forward-looking industries.

  • AI provided sustainability
  • AI leveraged security
  • AI improved privacy
  • AI powered efficiency

Technical Features

The novel technologies built in the Gitachain platform, hand in hand, help the network to achieve its ardent goals.

  • Proof Of Work Utilizing X11
  • MInable GITA Coin
  • Multy types Wallets
  • User Friendly Dashboard


We built a smart
platform to trade worldwide.

Gitachain is a platform that allows anyone to own and transfer assets or information over an open network without the need for a trusted third party.

Gitachain is a decentralized network optimized for Defi service and data collaboration. While most blockchains are distributed ledgers, Gitachain allows users to enjoy the advanced AI technology leveraged security. Our novel blockchain aims to be more ethical, efficient, and interoperable than any of its centralized counterparts.

How do we maintain network dynamics?

We build a flexible advanced
platform easy to develop and expand.

The technical features, alongside the open-source nature of our blockchain, ensure the facility of development that maintains GITA an up-to-date platform.

The language and frameworks used to create Gitachain, together with advanced scalability provided by AI technology, enables developers to implant their ideas using what we introduced and used in our network. Following that, Gitachain keeps nourishing those novel and creative ideas to maintain its dynamic growth.


Combining AI with the Gitachain platform improves network security and smart contracts.

GITA network maintains its speed, despite the large number of transactions and users. Moreover, it provides the possibility of fast development by using third party plugins.

Gitachain offers off-the-shelf solutions for fast deployment in a corporate environment.

Our users celebrate safe and secure data exchange between authorized participants.

The evolutionary map of GITA

Fundamental Idea

We built Gitachain as a solution to financial issues with the help of decentralized Finance services (Defi). The advanced platform of Gitachain guarantees the security and speed of asset transactions and exchanges.


Gitachain aims to create a dynamic network easy to develop. The technical features, alongside the open-source nature of our blockchain, ensure the facility of development that maintains GITA an up-to-date platform.

GITA Coin Economy

GITA Coin is native to NDC Blockchain. It is designed and implemented for financial exchanges on the GITA platform.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The primary function of GITA smart contracts are submission, contribution, confirmation, and reward of transactions and exchanges.